Component Youtube cell Motorola

I in a previous post, commented that the Youtube component was in trouble. But when installing the app on another phone, other than mine, the youtube video played normal and without screen division. So I installed it on another phone of the same brand as mine, and the problem happened. The brand of my mobile phone is a Motorola 6. Conclusion: In some mobile phone brands the Youtube component does not work properly.

It probably has to do with the android version you use.

I already tried the smallest version of the lodular API that is 4.4.4, but it still gave problem. And it’s not just on my Motorola. I tried API version 9 and also gave problem. But some of my clients who downloaded my app said that the video is ok

minSdkVersion = 19 (Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 - KitCat)
compileSdkVersion = 28
targetSdkVersion = 28

You can not change the last two, only the first one to set your lowest API level on which your App can be installed.
The error only occurs on devices with API>27 (Android 9).

So, I compiled the app in 4.4.4.

But the error happens, and I tested 3 3 motorola. One Motorola 6, one motorola 5 and one motorola 7

Android versions of the devices?

My Motorola is 6 with version 9.0. I already put in the compilation API 9 but youtube continued with cut video.

Did you read this?

Now I get it, I thought the error happened because I was compiling in API 9. Now I understand, because my Motorola is 9, the error happens. Hope this can be resolved.

But before this new update this error did not happen.