Why don't projects appear?

Posting an image is not like asking a question.

Do not PM everyone, you will get suspended.

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How should we be able to help if you don’t give any information.

And like @Mateja said. Don’t pm users to get attention.

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I have a problem that the initiation of projects does not appear

What doe you mean by that.

I have a problem that the project does not appear in the projects

Delete unnecessary projects from kodular creator and try

She did not appear

Please help me

It seems that Kodular once again has issues fetching the projects

Is anyone helping me?

Just noticed if you leave the window open for your projects, it will show them eventually


You projects are still visible in the creator.

Yep, that’s working.

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A couple of hours ago the Ping a Creator was considerably high: 733ms

I guess it will be related as My Kodular makes requests to Creator

P.S: in Chrome Console it returns the following:

Projects - My Kodular

But being a 503 error I guess everything will be back to normal very soon