Why I am facing this issue with dynamic component .?

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I got this Peter :raised_hand:t2:

@new_code what version of Dynamic Components are you using?

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@new_code you will get the solution here


not working…

Post blocks before and after your changes.

blocks - 2021-03-20T191533.500

blocks - 2021-03-20T191510.961
blocks - 2021-03-20T191322.048

Name of the card view is wrong, follow the link from this post and name it accordingly

I tried already but its still giving same issue.

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Just changed the block you advised.

Which one is that as I can’t see it?

Do you still get an error even though the name is correct, if so post a aia…

China_Apps2.aia (1.6 MB)

You didn’t change for the rest of the components

Btw, why didn’t you update the extension itself to make it work

How To Update it?

Download the latest version and install it as usual

I think its latest.