Why I get very low cpc

(Pablo Almeida) #21

Why a lot of peope complaining about a person asking how to make more money with his app?
Why is it a problem?
I really don’t see any problem with that and I can’t understand why someone would.

Anyway, I guess the best option is a diferente kind of ads. I think you are probably using banners, right? Banners usually don’t bring much money.
You could try others networks too like amazon, for example (but I think admob is the best)

Oh, one more thing: Don’t worry so much about your cpc. You have to think about your rpm.
If you have ctrl of 10% and cpc of 0,01$ you will get more money than ctr of 0,5% and cpc of 0,10$ (just a simple example)

(anuragtekam0) #22

Create a mediation of india and also set eCPM of your ads to 5$ will get high CPC upto 0.38$ from india really insane trick but works everytime for me.
And thanks for your reply on my post i really appreciate that

(Nikhil27B YT) #23

Okk I will be Check