Why I get very low cpc

Why I will be get the very low cpc because I have a lots of ad impression and also have a lots of click so how to increase cpc rate

This is mine


You get 0.16 cpc but I only get 0.2

try global user use your app if u have indian user then u will get low cpc

I have all types of user

So why are you complaining? 0.2 is more than 0.16.


How to I will be get more cpc

he want a daily income of 10 000 Dollar. If he dont get this he will make more ads in his APP until nobody uses his Earning APP anymore.

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Not again guys. :man_facepalming:

money pay me GIF by Halifax


No I want minimum 0.10 cpc I make app for Indian community and it’s very useful to him if you have a doubt check my apps I create only useful and simple app

I am not talking in money I only say how to increase cpc

Simple logic: Increase in CPC = Increase in Money
So, yes, you are actually talking about money.

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play lotto if you want fat money. mmaybe you have luck. or make a ggame like fortnite. with 15 million user daily you get money with only one banner what you can buy you a all what you want

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Because this money will be help me for the study and daily life and any developer will be developed app for money

So, if you want money for your daily life try this:

Or do some hard work, I guarantee you that you will definitely earn something.

0.2 means 0.20 :joy:


i make/made my money with Bitcoin, best work ever. i turned 2000 into 300 000 last year.

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I don’t know what your education level is, but 0.2 means 0.20 so 0.10 is actually lower than 0.2


Sorry my bad my cpc is 0.02

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That’s what I was saying. :joy:

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