Why is Kodular's Desktop Mode not supporting some websites?

Kodular’s desktop mode doesn’t support some websites and is that a bug or what is it?
My specific website is https://orchids.letseduvate.com/ and on my website, the desktop mode doesn’t work at all.

My code


Is it my code that is the problem?


Can I do anything to make it work or is it not possible to use desktop mode on it?

Do React Native websites store such browser info in cookies? So will clearing cookies help?

sorry i have no idea about it… i agree it…

can you share some screenshot from both mobile browser and kodular webviewer

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Ok. I’ll send it at 5:20

My screenshots
My App


Sorry I got a bit late and Thanks!

Desktop mode is enabled and my app and my browser

Use evaluate javascript on webviewer and use this code : document.querySelector('meta[name=\"viewport\"]').setAttribute('content', 'width=1024px, initial-scale=' + (document.documentElement.clientWidth / 1024));



This website does not determine desktop or mobile using useragent. i think it uses screensize to determine it.


I will try it out. I previously tried one other code but it did not work.


Is my code correct?

execute js after Go To URL

Ok and are you saying that the Go to URL block is not needed? If so, can I remove it?


your webpage is already loaded why do you need to reload the same url, js will make it work with desktop mode :smiley:

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Ok I will try it

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It’s been baking my project for quite some time now

I have no words to express my emotions! IT WORKS! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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