Why is my sound recorder not working?

I just want to record the sound in my Downlod folder.

I made the assemblies of the blocks following the directions that I saw in the kodular community, but still it is giving error.

Attached is my blocks and the error it presents.

In TaifunFile.Copy_fromFormFileName the global name variable must start with a / (slash).

sorry, but I didn’t understand where I should put this (slash) /

Can you show me in the picture I sent?
please ?


I understand thank you.
I will test here now.

I tried both of these ways, but the error persists.

is the / in the correct location?


This should work:

ok, i will test again.

But the same here:

And post the images in good / hight quality!!!

still didn’t work.

the same error still persists.
Could it be something with tiny_DB1 ?

SaveRecording path must be set before StartRecording.

I tried it this way, setting the path on apk startup, before hitting the start recorder button.

Even so, the error persists.

Try this one (it should work on all Android versions):
soundRec.apk (5.4 MB)

Worked perfectly.

Can you send me the file in .aia so I can edit it?

please the .aia file?

please the .aia file?