Why isn't this working?

When making an extension with the IDE, I can’t seem to get AndroidViewComponent working. Can I know why?

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Because this is used only for visible components

My extensions aren’t visible components and it works by me building source. I already did the extension with my computer since I figured I wouldn’t have to rebuild source since I don’t have a lib with it.

What’s the error message?

As long as your class doesn’t extend AndroidViewComponent and only uses it in parameter types, I see no reason why your extension won’t build.

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It just says that there’s no class with that name…

[javac] /home/Makeroid/appinventor/components/src/com/google/appinventor/components/runtime/something.java:43: error: cannot find symbol
[javac] symbol:   class AndroidViewComponent

I’m not gonna put the code, but at this point it’s useless since I’ve already built my extension with my own source which took a shorter amount of time than the IDE.

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