Why Kodular did't Approving My Ads

When My App Will Approved To show Ads. I create this app without using copy of others developers So Please Kindly Approve it . I Request you

Maybe it’s not the kind of app they want to approve.

Maybe your description was poor, misleading or fake.

Maybe it’s too basic.

Maybe it’s an earning app.

Maybe you can use your common sense and give us some information about your app instead of a vague and rambling post.

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You don’t need kodular approval to show ads if someone download it from Play Store

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Does this continue with the new monetization system?

Yes, Vishwas replied this

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Approvals have been paused for Ad Manager during the invite-only period. We expect to restore the system when we release the new components to all.

What happens to account that was using ad manager in invite period, apps auto approved or i have to apply for monetization?

Same issue is with me, How can I request to approve my app to serve adds and Activate my account

You can apply for monetization by going to your account and going to settings then going to projects. Go inside the project settings and enter a request for monetization approval.