Google Ad manager

I recieved ad manager invite, and updated my apps with Google ad manager ad-units but ads are not showing.
Do we need any other approval?

What’s the error message?

You don’t require any approval to show ads with Ad Manager


AdUnitId cannot be null.

Update: I added new adunit to an app which was not linked to my admob account.
Result: Sometimes ads work and sometime does not(test ads get displayed).

Where did you add this?

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Kodular Creator - Interstitial ads

Screenshots would be helpful. We do not provide any “ad unit” property in our new components

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Where is the ad unit, exactly?

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Interstitial_Ad1 is the ad unit
I didnt create any ad unit in Ad Manager

Update 2 : This error also comes when we do not have any app-id in monetization section of project settings.

Hmm, it looks like that is happening in Companion, right?

No, in apk also.
New apps which were not linked to my admob account are working.

Can you send a sample APK where that error can be reproduced?

Sorry error is different.

The same is happening to me

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This should be fixed now.

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Should I create new apk or existing will work?

An existing APK should work

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