Google Ad manager

Hello. I passed the google ad manager check, added ad blocks to the application, inserted the application id, but I didn’t configure anything in google ad manager. Ads are shown, but only test ads, why? Should I create ad blocks in ad manager and configure it?

Please make sure “Test Mode” is disabled in the properties of each Ad Manager ad component

I’m sure it’s disabled.

is it showed on the companion, if it shows a test then it should be because either test mode is on or you are on viewer screen

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand your second phrase. The test ad is shown in the companion, but it is not shown in the app at all. Maybe I should upload my application to the store to show it? Or do I still have to create ad blocks in Google ad manager itself?

You should get your app approved before it can show live ads. Head to your projects in, select the project that’s to be approved, and scroll to the monetisation section. You will see an option to request approval, on clicking which you’ll be asked to fill a form out. We’ll get back to you via email once you’ve filled the form letting you know if your app was approved

All my apps are approved, but test ads are still being shown.

Make sure you’ve disabled test mode on all Ad Manager components in your app. Having it enabled for even one component enables it for all.

I’m sure the test mode is disabled everywhere, but the ads are still test

Hi, I created a new app, added ads, passed the monetization test, and the ads started showing. If I’m right, then in applications that were created after adding a new type of monetization, that is, ad manager, and passing verification, ads are shown, and in applications that were created a long time ago, ads are not shown. What to do? Create new apps and copy code and Files from old apps?

I still don’t know how to solve this problem. I have updated all my 30 apps to new ads, but the ads are not showing, so I am losing about $1,000.

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I don’t see “request invite” in my account’s payment section to apply for ads manager. I have one app on the play store. Any help