Admanger ads Not Show

Admanger ads Not Show 3month go but not show ads help me

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I didn’t understand your doubt

Check your admanager email, mybe you find something.

i am also facing same problem

So goes to me I get active 1- 1.5k ads on my app previously and now not earned even a $0.001 for the last 3 months

The fact is Kodular Team don’t even care for our problems now

hey, wait. my app which wasn’t showing ads, it sudden showing ads now

i got 43 impression today on dashboard from that app

Can u share some screenshots and blocks images,

How many downloads and active users you have…?

What error code do you get?
Do you use ads.txt?

ads.txt = not yet

Error code in App not in reporting?
Ads.txt is also an requirement( ads works without ads.txt but having it is a bonus)

So u mean, my codes are not properly placed


Only i had used 2 ads in my app,

Ones my app start showing ads. I will add “ads.txt”

Use Ad failed to load to check error code.

yes iam use kodular ads.txt Adsense Code

My Ads work fine in test mode,

To check the error in failed ads, I have to use ads without test mode and watching my own ads is against Google Rules

only watching is fine for Google, you cant CLICK on the ads but only watching has no problem “Mybe crazy if instead”
I use my app every day and alot of ads is printed on my phone, 6 years and no warnings from Google

I asked my users whether they are watching any ads in-app.

and they said no

you use admob + admanger ads, like when google admanger faild to show ads then admob ads is show?? i’s ligal?

No Idea … just trying