Why Kodular needs assets?

Why does Kodular actually use this cumbersome and, in my view, absolutely stupid procedure regarding the asset area?
I could understand the use if there was the possibility to use an emulator for the tests in Kodular as well as in Appinventor. But there is no such thing, so all the rubbish assets don’t make sense, do they?

Especially in larger developments where the database changes frequently for the development over the assets area often to considerable problems

regadrs Franz

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Maybe assets can be usefull for apps without internet connexion to download any image or icons


Really ?

In my opinion, this is not really an advantage.
Ok, I don’t have to worry about the file structure of my apps.
But I personally create a structure

“appname” / res / icons / and
“appname” / res / images /

Who gives me a tool on hand where I can check what has been saved in the database after a test with the database. Neither on the PC nor on the mobile can I see what I actually want to see.

Hi. Can you please clarify what you’re referring to here? I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell us (are you talking about assets as a whole, assets in the Companion, or something else?)


Kodular can be run in emulator. I have been using companion in Bluestack for a while now. Much easier to play around with than on a mobile phone.

Do you have a howTo for this ?

I just downloaded the companion on the emulator (for me: Bluestack) and type in the QR code in the text box (not possible to scan the QR Code) and it worked. You also have to enable “hardware assisted virtualisation” for a smooth operation. Do a google search on how to enable it and you will get the procedure…

Only had trouble with folder / directory creation. I got an error when I tried to create a directory / folder through companion on the internal storage. I had to create the folder / directory manually.

Companion on emulator is a treat and much more productive as we can switch windows to view the changes and don’t have to worry about screen switching off and losing connection (and battery drain). I had been using on mobile while i was using appinventor.

Now I only use companion on mobile to cross check the design.

Hope this helps.

what exactly are you talking about? please elaborate



Maybe this can clarify something for you:

Hi Anke,
that’s exactly what I have to complain about.
There is a lot of knowledge in the community, but unfortunately you get it
only transmitted in drops and only on request, if at all.
In any case, such information does not appear in the documentation. But this is exactly what distinguishes professionals from committed amateurs.
Of course, I don’t mean that the core team is not professional and also excellent programming, but as so often there is a lack of other areas such as documentation.

And so it is with the many extensions that are certainly free for the community, but at the same time, most of them have not really been documented. From the developer’s point of view, of course, I can fully understand that, because you know exactly what your extension should and can do. But that doesn’t mean that the vast majority know that. I also have the impression that nobody really feels responsible for this.

regards Franz

Wow, then shouldn’t the category be in Feedback?

Documentation just explain what that blocks or component do, not a tutorial of how to make an app.
What you need is experience. (im in kodular for 3 months only)
Asking in community can get lots of information.


Hello WatermelonIce,

the name KidKoder may also be a bit of a program. I probably have more programming languages behind me than you are years old, who knows.

In most cases, however, you could learn everything you need for successful programming from the program documentation.

This has nothing to do with complaining, I just point out, that this area has been neglected.
What you are trying to explain to me, I count against your youth. I have spent over 25 years with companies like SAP, Infor or Lawson. Starting from simple programming to responsible project manager or development manager for branch systems. So you can’t deny me a certain know-how in general development work from and with different software systems. So if I complain a little about the type of documentation, it will probably be my right.

A little test for you.

In the standard SQLite components there is a parameter called DbVersion. What do i do with it. Please only use the standard documentation. I am looking forward to your answer.

regards Franz

Hey, franz, ein wenig mehr Höflichkeit vor den Kindern! :wink:

Look at what you said:

Please don’t start arguing, guys, ok? This does also count for @WatermelonIce, but especially for you, too. Please, let’s stop this age-topic here.

:hugs: :kissing_heart: :baby:

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But I’m a little confused about your answer to my overview / clarification. This does not only contain drops, but is pretty exhaustive with regard to the Android storage system.

Btw, if I am looking for something specific, I am happy if I get specific information about my question and not a 1000-page documentation in which I can then search for an answer.


ok, for now I may stop talking. I’II let the professional continue their conversation. If I hurt your feeling, I’m sorry…



Kodular Staff asked you to clarify.


Hi Yoshi,

(I’m actually a peaceful and deeply relaxed person, believe me :crazy_face:)
Nor is it my intention to offend anyone here. However, what annoys me a little is the fact that I’m constantly trying to sell the undeniably incomplete documentation as the Non plus Ultra.

You don’t have to apologize for anything. I worked in Hong Kong for some time so I can understand you. Happy coding

@bodymindpower - maybe that came across wrong, thank you for your efforts. Your explanation helped me a lot. But at the same time I ask myself, why I can’t find this info in any way in the documentation.

You both tell me the forum is the help, but for every 2nd question is the first answer have you already searched in the forum?

Certainly I can get some information in the forum, but this is always situation-related and you get answers to individual questions. Which question did I ask correctly?

This I didn’t get really well…

That’s not us, that’s the one whos pose the question and just want help. Again, almost everyone already said it, we are

so pls understand it!!!

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What is going on here?

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