Why Kodular not Updating to API 33?

Nobody knows when and even if an update will come
And I never announced anything
But I now updated my previous answer to add the word “hopefully” to make it clearer


These “solutions” only can change the target version in the manifest, but there are also behavioral changes…

Therefore App Inventor distributions like Kodular might wait for the MIT App Inventor team to provide the necessary updates to reduce their work…

and meanwhile they are working on it…


Post updated… and sorry for the inconvenience

Oh GOD! all my hard works will go in vein if Kodular does not upgrade to API 33 , I have apps with 100K downloads and I literally living by my apps admob earning .
If I can not update my apps they will be undiscoverable !! No install = No Earning
I will be dead before 2024.
Plese Kodular team take some more money but do the things necessary to continue my apps. It’s a request deep from my heart :pray:


November is the FINAL dead line from Google Playstore.
by anycance they do that before that date ? Hoping :crossed_fingers:


Starting from Sept 1, 2024…
You still have almost 1 year…why the panic now?

See also


You still have a lot of time to do something to save yourself.
See if you can migrate your app to Ai2.
If you can’t then you should get started working on it.

Please have patience. We need some time :slight_smile:


when the update will arrive
Is there an estimated time?

Sorry for asking but cloud you gave the idea about the update so we can prepare accordingly for this. @pavi2410


Just tell us when kudolar team will finish the update??

Give us date to not ask again


I thought we need to prepared to left kodular and the others with the same platform and start to learn a native android language like flutter because there’s no future of all android development using no code.

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Why is kodular taking so long to update to API 33 ,on top of that its concerning because we’re paying for subscription yet their service is poor. I wish i could switch to other inventory but i can’t because so far kodular is the best.:sob::sob::sob:


Flutter? Why not Kotlin and Android Studio?

Flutter made by Google and it’s easy to understand and the most important is flutter is an open source and free of charge when you build an android apps with native language means you have an asset of the future as we know there is no future with no code platform because they platform is too lazy day by day.

Flutter is a versatile toolkit for building apps across different platforms like Android and iOS using a single codebase in the Dart programming language. It’s excellent for cross-platform development.

On the other hand, Kotlin with Android Studio is a powerful combination specifically for Android app development. Kotlin is a modern language known for its conciseness and is officially supported by Google for Android development.

Your choice depends on whether you want cross-platform capabilities (Flutter) or prefer a dedicated Android-focused approach (Kotlin with Android Studio). Consider your project’s needs and your team’s expertise when deciding.

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be patient

That’s not true, don’t try to create panic.
If they took them away it is for another reason.

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I’m just telling the truth. Can you compile with API 33? Tell me how, I can only compile with API 31. Don’t accuse me of something that isn’t true, I’m not trying to create panic, I’m just telling the truth

yes, Kodular is currently still not able to target SDK33, this is correct

but the following statement from you is wrong

noone removed your apps because of a missing target sdk 33, however