Why Kodular not Updating to API 33?

Flutter? Why not Kotlin and Android Studio?

Flutter made by Google and it’s easy to understand and the most important is flutter is an open source and free of charge when you build an android apps with native language means you have an asset of the future as we know there is no future with no code platform because they platform is too lazy day by day.

Flutter is a versatile toolkit for building apps across different platforms like Android and iOS using a single codebase in the Dart programming language. It’s excellent for cross-platform development.

On the other hand, Kotlin with Android Studio is a powerful combination specifically for Android app development. Kotlin is a modern language known for its conciseness and is officially supported by Google for Android development.

Your choice depends on whether you want cross-platform capabilities (Flutter) or prefer a dedicated Android-focused approach (Kotlin with Android Studio). Consider your project’s needs and your team’s expertise when deciding.

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be patient

That’s not true, don’t try to create panic.
If they took them away it is for another reason.

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I’m just telling the truth. Can you compile with API 33? Tell me how, I can only compile with API 31. Don’t accuse me of something that isn’t true, I’m not trying to create panic, I’m just telling the truth

yes, Kodular is currently still not able to target SDK33, this is correct

but the following statement from you is wrong

noone removed your apps because of a missing target sdk 33, however


Is there any word? the expiration date is Nov. 1, 2023, so it’s only a month from today and if kodular doesn’t fix this I won’t be able to update my app!

What about updating your app now?
I just explained it again here


I don’t have a year I only have a month and I can’t extend anything!!!

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the message only says, that starting from Nov 1 you will have to target SDK33…
so if you have an urgent update to make for your app, why not doing it now using SDK31?


I don’t have any updates now, but I worry that after November 1 I won’t be able to do any more! If I ever have to update the app after November 1, how will I do it? I will then forever have an outdated app!

you will be able to do it after Kodular hopefully provides the SDK33 update soon in October, see the latest statement from the Kodular team…


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hello if an app is already made, does it automatically go to sdk 33 or do you have to redo it, or change the level in the settings. thank you

Ok but if kodular fixes the problem AFTER Nov. 1, 2023? I will no longer be able to update my app?

You only have to build it after the sdk33 release is available and then test to check, if everything still is working

You are correct… and if this happens then you can start panicking on Nov 1st


will the update be released towards the end of October?



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No, maybe you are not understanding or refuse to understand! If this happens on November 1 my app is screwed! the panic is something that happens earlier, like a month before the deadline when there has been almost a year to make this fix! november 1 will be TOO LATE!!!
So there is no point in teasing people with memes! we are talking about people here who have worked and spent money!

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My app will be removed from the store. They want it to be “Target Level 33”. How can I get to level 33?

My App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=seo.sira.bulucu&gl=TR

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