Why Kodular not Updating to API 33?

Flutter? Why not Kotlin and Android Studio?

Flutter made by Google and it’s easy to understand and the most important is flutter is an open source and free of charge when you build an android apps with native language means you have an asset of the future as we know there is no future with no code platform because they platform is too lazy day by day.

Flutter is a versatile toolkit for building apps across different platforms like Android and iOS using a single codebase in the Dart programming language. It’s excellent for cross-platform development.

On the other hand, Kotlin with Android Studio is a powerful combination specifically for Android app development. Kotlin is a modern language known for its conciseness and is officially supported by Google for Android development.

Your choice depends on whether you want cross-platform capabilities (Flutter) or prefer a dedicated Android-focused approach (Kotlin with Android Studio). Consider your project’s needs and your team’s expertise when deciding.

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