Why layout moves up when textbox comes

I am not understanding that why my layout(card view) floats when textbox comes


I had unchecked the screen scrollable

I think this is because of setting responsive property in screen1.If you’ve set it to fixed that won’t happen(i’ve tried it before).But it cons that : - your app won’t be responsive.
Also check your components sizing.

App won’t be responsive mean

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Means that: your app will be in all of the mobiles as you see it in your designer screen.The components sizing, margins and positions won’t change. :wink: Some times that became useful and sometimes not.

Place the textbox in a vertical scroll arrangement or set scrollable property of screen to true


I will try

Its normal in android.
Android keyboard automatically push content up and brings textbox to show what is typing in textbox.
It destruct ui but its good.
Set all components in vertical scroll arrangement.
As in your case there is something wrong with ui because there is too much space between keyboard and textbox

I already mentioned it :grin:

I have to place all component into vertical scroll arrangement or only textbox

Yes, in vertical scroll arrangement

all component or only textbox

All components

I have just checked the screen scrollable and now the card view is not moving up

Ok so you got your solution right?

Thank u all for helping me

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Yes, you are right. But I have seen some apps there are used vertical arrangement and all is working fine without any ui destruction.

I have not placed any component in vertical scroll arrangement I have just checked the screen scrollable and it is working fine