Why marker doesnt appear on map?

Hi, I want to know where are the error on my code. I did follow tutorial made by @sugerlesscreator - How to create multiple/dynamic markers on google maps on how to create multiple marker on google map using google spreadsheet data but the marker doesnt appear. Here is the view of map in my app:

can someone assist me on this :sob:

Have you fill your google maps api?

yes, i have done created the api for my app

Check permission to access location

Sorry, I dont know to check it… cause im still learning using the google map api :sweat_smile:

Do you mean this part?

the apps already allowed to access location

blocks (5)
Like this. And enable my location on google maps blocks

Still not working…
Here my blocks as reference;
google map block:

overview of all my blocks:

I will check tomorrow

Okay…thank you so much @sugarlesscreator

On block web got text you miss to put block process

The marker has appear on the map but it appear on the wrong coordinate…how can i solve this problem. Supposedly I have 5 different marker but it only show 1.

and the name of the marker also incorrect

here I share your my spreadsheet link: IATC johor coor - Google Sheets

there is nothing wrong with my aia.

This my video, data from your sheet

Android 10

Try to download original aia from my tutorial and change url to your sheet url

Hi, good day everyone…i want to know why my markers i created in JSON text cannot be read and unable to display on google map. The block of my JSON is like this:
And the JSON must read my data in spreadsheet, the data like this:

so far, i have done my blocks like this:

but when i export the apk and run the apps, the result is like this:

Can someone help me on this, I really need this to be solved for my school project :sob: :pray: :pray: :pray: