Why my ads are limited to show?

I only use 1 ad unit interstitial on admob google. Then on my apps i use 3 interstitial ads but i seen when i load the first interstitial ads it will appears the ads then after that when i load the 2
interstitial ads, the ads doesn’t appears. And why on my interstitial only show video. But i want image.

Sounds like an earning app. I’m afraid those aren’t allowed.

Edit: It looks like you asked this question on the Appybuilder forum too. Please only ask questions about non-earning apps in the community of the builder you are using.

No this is not earning apps. Bro

Are you sure?
9 interstitial ads on one screen will lead to admob account suspension.
It is not allowed by Kodular also(earning apps).
So can anyone tell me what is the use of so much ads in a non-earning app.

Sorry didn’t see. not 9 int. only 3 because 1 ad unit i only on 3 intestitial its okay? on every hide screen and show screen. i set on it

It’s okay now i got my solution. thankyouu

Is it possible to send us a link so that we can too check your awesome app?! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess. You want to earn as much as possible. That is called an earning app. Google doesnt like that. You could loose your developer account. Use ads wisely, not as you do at the moment.

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Okay. Sorry for more using ads.

It is best with 1 banner, 1 Int… ad and 1 video instead of loading 1 int ad you can load video ad and show to your users. Only 1/10 times show the video ad

But the banner is not appears

because you need add approval go to https://account.kodular.io/cpanel/creator/admob and request ads

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And maybe admob thinks your app is of low quality and they don’t serve ads.

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Only banners not show but interstitial ads are appears

Already approved