Why My apk couldn't be compiled


Why Show This Error ??

We Are Also Change Apk Name And Apk Icon

But Probllem Not Solve Please HElp Me

AAPT execution failed, if none of the search helps then share your aia with someone who is willing to take a look at it


Whitch People Solve My Probllem ?

send the AIA to me please

tell me your email id

Just PM him…



mens ??

can i shere you ??

tell me your email id & whatsapp number

See above




Sor Tell Me How Can I Shere Aia File ??

I Dont Know Any Think We Are Frist Time Using

kodular Cammunity

Instead of annoying people you should use a valid translator if you dont know basic english.

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Icon to big? Remove it and compile again

Its Not Icon Problem We Are Also Change It

Your project may have problems with the splash icon.

How Can I Solve This Error ??

Change the splash icon.

No point in guessing guys, he was supposed to share his aia with @cian who offered to help him but somehow he message me instead even tho I said

despite that I invited cian to that PM chat, he sends me a new message with his aia that I didn’t see until now.

Btw, here is the reason why it doesn’t want to build, choose which one to keep and delete the other one


@softapk39 If you had followed the link that I provided to you in my first post, you might have found the error yourself



Well I don’t think so there is any problem in AIA(it may be) but I am too facing this problem but I found something fishy, if you wait sometime after it show error you can download the app or generate qr code , I think this is a little bug

I had also faced that error but I solved mine by removing and reusing some blocks which I think is causing error.

Guys I clearly stated what was wrong


Network issues or due to Some bugs in the application