Why My apk couldn't be compiled

send the AIA to me please

tell me your email id

Just PM him…



mens ??

can i shere you ??

tell me your email id & whatsapp number

See above




Sor Tell Me How Can I Shere Aia File ??

I Dont Know Any Think We Are Frist Time Using

kodular Cammunity

Instead of annoying people you should use a valid translator if you dont know basic english.

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Icon to big? Remove it and compile again

Its Not Icon Problem We Are Also Change It

Your project may have problems with the splash icon.

How Can I Solve This Error ??

Change the splash icon.

No point in guessing guys, he was supposed to share his aia with @cian who offered to help him but somehow he message me instead even tho I said

despite that I invited cian to that PM chat, he sends me a new message with his aia that I didn’t see until now.

Btw, here is the reason why it doesn’t want to build, choose which one to keep and delete the other one


@softapk39 If you had followed the link that I provided to you in my first post, you might have found the error yourself



Well I don’t think so there is any problem in AIA(it may be) but I am too facing this problem but I found something fishy, if you wait sometime after it show error you can download the app or generate qr code , I think this is a little bug

I had also faced that error but I solved mine by removing and reusing some blocks which I think is causing error.

Guys I clearly stated what was wrong


Network issues or due to Some bugs in the application

And what’s this, do you even read the post properly



Sorry By Mistake I skipped ! :pensive:

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