Why my app is working slow

i completed an app having 6 screens and two extension - 1. dj vibrate extension & 2. drive file 1 extension , and my app is working very slow why?
which sdk level should i select to work my app fine?

SDK level does not play a significant role in the performance of your app. Make sure there aren’t too many components being loaded at the same time: for example, if you have 6 screens but are handling them improperly, the memory usage of your app will just skyrocket over time. More information is available here:



i dont have too many components to load at once , in block section i have only one action to load and in screen section i have 35 buttons placed, i didnot made all 35 buttons to perform action

attachment](upload://qXRN0tpWc95YJ12v0ysS1MNVV3L.aia) (18.0 KB)
please check this aia file , in menu screen buttons are working fine, but in screen 2 button is working after some delay of time , i am getting this error while testing this app in my mobile

i used drive file extension my app , when i removed that extension from my app my buttons started working fine

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