Why my app shows this error


You maybe trying to get An Index of 1 from a List of 0 Items. Provide More Blocks So we can help you.


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Earlier it was ok … today morning i updated app and i added only a card view. After install this error is showing

CardView Needs A list To show the Data. So it maybe Caused due to that. Please Provide Blocks

I have not added any list in card view

Well Card View Uses List as Data Input

In card view i added only text box, image & text

Can you Show the Blocks please or i wont be able to help

These are the Only Blocks?

I added card view only for design purposeo

No. You can use empty CardView. CardView doesn’t need any data and value. Also, you can’t use lists in CardView directly.

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Are you using a Extension or a Component?

The runtime error in my app is due to ads. I have one ad banner and one interstitial ads on screen which i am controlling (enable / disable) through firebase. When i enable both ads to show this error shows in my app but when i disable one or both ads the error message not shows.

My old all app cannot export but companion ready get.How to do for export app?Today error.