Why my colin tree list cant show?

I can’t display the list in my app. I will put the image of the block interface that successfully achieved the goal every time so that I can check it next time. This problem keeps happening for a few days, and suddenly I can’t upload values ​​to airtbale and I can’t get values ​​from table. Can anyone tell me if I overlooked something?

另外我需要有人教导我关于Google pay的块,或者我该如何可以成功的将用户带到paypal界面而不违规Google平台的协议?谢谢

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tq I just tried it for a long time but I didn’t find it. Thank you, I solved the problem 1. In addition, do you know how to set the Google Pay block?

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= =Does this violate the regulations in the play store? In addition, I use this in Malaysia?

No it does not violates Google Play rules if you perform your app listing carefully.

I don’t know what UPI payment methods are available in your country. This extension supports:

  3. Google Pay
  4. Airtel Payment
  5. Mobikwik UPI
  6. Freecharge

How should I set up the block? Can you show me? Do I need to register an account with these companies?
I think google pay will be better, hahahaha :咧着嘴笑:笑脸:微笑:咧嘴笑:

Obviously! Create an account with the service you want to use if you don’t have one. There is nothing hard!

So how should I set up the block, I will not be the first time, can show me the building of the block once I will thank you very much

Wait a moment.

tq i love u

Check this demo aia.

UPI_Payment_Extension.aia (59.2 KB)

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Happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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==Sorry, I would like to ask again, if I want to pull PayPal’s credit card payment into the app, is there such an expansion? I don’t know why you don’t support me here because of the google pay you gave me, and the other two have never seen it.

PayPal extension is available for $50
You can purchase it from here:

By the way, what happed with Google Pay?

He showed that my country is not supported, and I don’t know why, but I clearly remember that Google pay has been used by some people, but I don’t understand why you gave it to me but it shows that it is not supported.

Is there only one, only him? $50 very expensive = =

Because you said Google Pay is supported in your country.

No, I mean I don’t understand why the display you sent me will show that I won’t pay ~ I’m not blaming you ~ please forgive me for my poor English ~ I use translation