Why size dynamic button shows wrong when running app?

i make dynamic button with height 30 and width 35, but when i install my app, they show small size like height 7 and with 6.

anyone know why it happend?

what is the size of height and width not pixel?

my block is below

Set width block, uses pixels, so 30*35 would be very small, if you want to use percentages, you can use the dynamic components extension :

As you can use with this extension anybutton blocks, so you can use this block, for setting width in percentage:
component_set_get (5)

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I’ll like to elaborate the thing said @Mohamed_Tamer. Here, height 30 and width 35 are in pixels i.e. height=30 pixels and width =35 pixels. So you have to use other methods to set it in percentage.
You can set height = 0.3 * screen1.height and width = 0.35 * screen1.width. Now this values work as percentage.