Why we are Facing this Error: Makeroid is unable to compile this project

Actually even I was facing the same problem on the date when makeroid launched I tried everything but I unable to compile apk so I was started using different account.
And the account which was showing error was starting from numeric digit like [email protected] but I was unable to make any apk in it so I left that account and moved to another.

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Before the latest updates of the million, when I had built this app, it was done but due to the new updates that have come, the app is not being build. I think this new update has some time in it. I made this app I have fired the last full month, but I still have to face this problem. Please do something Sir, I want to build this app in any way I have come a long way behind this village.

Create a topic about your problem and give us some usefull informations… like blocks and more

I faced this problem and in my case it was that in the new update the block from “TitleBar Icon Selected” had one of the return option name changed (I don’t remember which one now). I just clicked there in order to refresh the name in the block I was using and the problem was solved.