Why we are Facing this Error: Makeroid is unable to compile this project

check these attachments :


Can you show me what components you’re using and your blocks?


Can you show me your assets

It could be because, your app is more than 20 MB

No only one Image is there, which has only 114KB

Sir remove Facebook block then try

No every thing was correct, actually after export and import the aia file into my another account of makeroid, its working fine.
The issue is with my email id: [email protected]. No idea what is wrong with this email id, no projects is allowing me to export. It may be due to my E-mail ID starting with a Numerical value (7) which is not allowed as App Name

@7StarMedia can you try setting a custom package name?

Ya that’s working

Please stop answering with unnecessary things that are being asked for the user who posted this topic, not you… Thank you

I don’t have time to write unnecessary things here . I wrote ya that’s working . It means , yesterday I tried and the compilation was successful

However, no one asked if compiling was working @Vishwas asked to try with a custom package name

@Peter is going to close this topic if it goes off the topic it’s talking about, let’s stop posting

Same thing I want to say the custom package name was working

@hammerhai stop spamming every topic or we will have to silence you for attempting to instigate conflict in the community

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I think its good he lets us know that that is working :slight_smile:

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Everything is Okkk:sunglasses::relaxed:

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Yes I tried by changing the package name, but still facing this issue.