Why won't this permission be accepted?

I’m trying to test Hosts new thing and it seems that on the Companion when trying to access READ_PHONE_NUMBERS it says it’s been declined although at the beginning when it asked for Permissions, I accepted the Phone category, which reading phone numbers belongs too… Can someone explain why this is happening?

Companion doesn’t have

in manifest, maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.


Maybe they can do me a favor and add it to their manifest :blush: @Kodular

We only add things which our components need.
And If its not work for you with companion, then test it as real apk.


You see Mika… I’m having an issue whether my extension doesn’t work with void blocks under Screen Initialized or a Timer has ended. No one can seem to fix this issue including me… So it’d be great only because, it goes with the Phone Category, so it wouldn’t require anyone to accept a new permission I don’t think since it’s all one Category.

Do you really think we add a permission to our companion which nobody needs except your extension?!

And another question:
Why dont you add the permission to your extension?!

And if the permission system does not work for you then you should look into the AI sources.
Because it works If you do it right.


Actually some of Taifuns extensions also require theses permissions… You thought wrong.

You’re kidding right, I did…

@UsesPermissions(permissionNames = "android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE, android.permission.READ_PHONE_NUMBERS, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE")

But your companion never seems to pick it up.

Because it must be build as real apk and not in companion…
Permissions are added throw compiler on building the apk…

Dont talk to me like a pro if you are not a pro…
Iam not kidding.

And again no we dont add any permission for you or any other person to our companion…
You want to test your extension?
Do it as apk.


I compiled everything, I put the block under Screen Initialized, I added all the right permissions. If a Permission dealing with the Phone Category isn’t accepted, it shows the dialog.

The reason people use your companion, is for testing there apps… What Im doing is considered an app, they dont come to just use your components, they come to add others too.

We dont add permissions to our companion if our components dont need them!!

And now stop your senseless discuss with me…
I already explained when permissions are added to a apk!


Have you tried to insert it yourself.


You think, I’m gonna add a permission to the Kodular Companion?