Wierd webview bug need help


I am facing weird webview error all of a sudden which means previously this error was not there with same blocks nothing changed but now all of a sudden this this happening.

issue: when my screen is initialized a webviewr is shown which is blank if i press back button then that webviewr disappears. Now to indentify this issue checked screen initialized block and even removed all the blocks from screen initialzed see this:
even though there is nothing in this block still that webviewer poped up and i checked like 10 times all my webviewrs visiblity is off also if the shown webviewer was one of the webviwer that i added then it should have loaded that website. but even then i tried this:
Still it showed the webviewer here is the video i am talking about:

So it is clear that a webview is being created out of nowhere and its popping up and it is not the one that i added.

please someone tell me how to fix this as my app is complete and this all of sudden popped up delaying everything.

Thank you


does noone know the solution of this ?