Will My all App Projects will be lost [Google+ is shutting down April 2019]?

As I, and many others like me, are using Kodular since it was Makeroid, we use to login with Google.
Now Google is shutting down Google+ in August 2019 (4 months earlier than it announced in previous announcement). For news read here

Will all our app data and apps we created WILL BE LOST after that date? We cannot use the same gmail account at Kodular for sign up as it doesn’t allow. Please @Kodular clarify my doubts and suggest for any solution.

Only Google + is shutting down you Gmail is not going to disable

We login with Google+ API authentication, my friend. That’swhy I asked this

Login with Google is different, login with Google+ is different.

Every service almost using “Sign in with Google” system. Even Google itself using that. I don’t think Google will close Sign-in System because if they do that, a lot of services will shut down. They are just closing Google+ (Google’s social media platform) So don’t worry.

So Kodular will stay alive.


Thanks for moral support:slightly_smiling_face:

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You can also sign in your Kodular account and add another e-mail to log in.

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