Will my Kodular App will start crashing if

Will my Kodular App will start crashing if 100+ Users start using my App at the same time?

Your app will not crash…
If you use firebase then firebase free plan has 100 simultaneous connection. if you cross simultaneous connections limit then you will not get information from firebase…
But even this does not crash apps

Google should have crashed years ago :rofl:

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What kind of app are you talking about? What does it do?

Thank You for telling me this. :slight_smile: One of my main doubt got clear! :grinning:

It’s an E Learning Platform App. I have used website inside the app to deliver the content, and firebase for login and authentications. But the main thing is I have used to many Vertical and Horizontal Arrangements to design the app. And to me it seems a little slow and some time when I open my app, its got hanged and it crashes(When the home screen just intialize itself) means simply when i open the screen
Please tell me how can I fix this

Post some screenshots of blocks and maybe, also tell us the number of arrangements since you’ve mentioned that u used it in large amount. We’ll check that for you.

I Have More Than 160K Active Users on My App And i have no issue


Really nice! That should go to:

Here is the Screenshot
1st. I have used 1 Vertical Arrange.
2nd. I have used 4 Horizontal Arrange.
3rd. I have used 2 Cards in each Hospitalize Arrangement
4th. 1 image in each Card

Even there are many more vertical arrangement are present in the app, but they only appear when someone will click on this icons.

Hello, thanks for the info. Could you share your blocks so that we can try to help you further?

Also one of the reason may be that you may be using heavy images. What’s the size of the images that you have used in your project??

I made one who got almost 2 million downloads! It was build with the first MIT APP INVENTOR! Then after alot of work I made a miracle updating the app with recent (incompatible) versions of MIT like Appy Builder Gold etc… Some trick here and there and I made it…
Yes it’s possible, I made it! The APP right now is outdated and no more updates since 2017 and after Admob ads being banned from that APP!


Can you tell us the name of the app? Also, was it paid or free? I think you made a free app with ads, don’t you?

Btw, What does/did your app? Can you share us infrmation? Would really like to know which kind of app was so successful.


100KB Each Approx

The app is free and was originaly launched with ads (meanwhile the app suffered some setback’s, ads were banned and app was also banned on several countries).

I can give you my app developer name and you can search for yourself, but I don’t recommend! The app was made for more mature public and apparently you are just 13!

I just replied to your post just to say that it’s possible to create very successful apps like mine (almost 2 million downloads) it’s all about target audience and content! It doesn’t matter how you create your app (Kodular or Android Studio), it’s all about content and quality! Obviously my said app is outdated, no more upgrades since 2017, so quality is an issue right now on better and bigger phones!

Search for DIYAppz on Play Store and you’ll find what you’re looking for! The RED icon is suggestive enough!
I don’t recommend you though!

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