Will there be any updates to the Kodular platform?

Kodular platform will not bring any new update, we all are not able to publish application on play store, we want API label 33 to publish application on play store. Large application cleats

This weekend we will release the Target SDK upgrade.


Great news! :+1:

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any update in google admanager…??
earning very low :blush:

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Wooow! Great News! Good job Kodular… Thanks so much!

I have mailed you.
Please check your inbox.

it’s Great News…

Great news! :+1:

keep this as 1st priority…

Do any of you know the update that Kodular will come, will API 34 level be included in that update? Please let me know

well, it has been said a few posts earlier

No of course not, this will be the SDK33 release…
for SDK34 you can ask next year again in September/October…


will errors 908 & 201 disappear in the next update?

thanks to developer team

So we who are Kodular a can’t upload application on play store, because play store has updated API level 34, so if we want to publish application on play store we have to have API level 34

Already Motioned

33 is required, 34 will be required from next year.

from August 2024

34 realise and required in Android studio not in kodular

Android studio and kodular make one years gap for api level update

Any good from ad manager? Ecpm is very low and plz provide native ads components in kodular monitization option…:sweat_smile: