Wish list - .aia or collaboration?

Hi all !

(please excuse me if my message is not very comprehensive, I am French and I use Google Translate)

I am coming to ask you for help, or a collaboration, or maybe an .aia that exists somewhere that I have not been able to find.

I have a project in mind that I can’t complete or find a tutorial to help me with.

I need a wishlist app. But with some pretty specific options, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Login in the application
  • Create one or more lists.
    → By clicking on one of these lists, it opens, and you can add elements (with info: image, title, description, url).
  • Edit / delete items from this list
  • Be able to share this list with other people

The little extra that I need, because indeed this kind of application exists (iKadoo example), is that the people to whom we have shared the list, can reserve a gift, but without the one who created the list cannot know it (in order to keep the surprise).

I have a lot of trouble explaining to you what I imagine as an application, but imagine that for your birthday, you make a list of lots of things that you would like, and you give it to loved ones. These people will reserve one or more gifts, but you must not see it. But on the other hand, all the people having the list, them, must know that a gift is reserved, to avoid duplicates.

  • List creator adds items
  • List reader can reserve items
  • The reader can see which items are reserved
  • The creator cannot know if an item is reserved

Do you think such an application is feasible? (or you will find me the holy grail and tell me that an application like this already exists ^^)

Who would be willing to collaborate with me to try to create this app?

Who has already done something similar, where we only have improvements to do?

Know that, if one day I manage to make this application, I do not want to make it paid, I want it to be free and without advertising. But I know very well that all work deserves salary, if you have reasonable proposals in price, I will be ready to pay for a working .aia (and then, to me to do the graphics part at my convenience).

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, and to those who will try to help me with this project.

My greetings,



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