Wishes for this 2019

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #41

It works great for me. Depends on your device.

(Yusuf Cihan) #42

I wish Google is promoting Kodular in its page. :sweat_smile: Instead of Android Studio :smiling_imp:

(tomer) #43

We can develop applications for Android wear and Android TV

(Vishal) #44

why do you want to remove “Made by Kodular” ?

Be proud to show others that you have build something awesome with this platform.

(Pablo Almeida) #45

I have a lot of ideas but my biggest dream is that the explanation on https://docs.kodular.io/components is completed for all components, specially the ones made by kodular team.

Kodular is the best app maker but all the people that I recommended Kodular had a bad time trying to understand what each component does. Specially those who never used app inventor before.
And some people gave up the platform because of this.

(tomer) #46

I would like the last project to be at the top of the list of projects

(Philipp Lang) #47

we needinvestors to make this to the only one builder

(Agustín Marcantonio) #48

Notificaciones push!! Y poder crear app que trabajen en segundo plano!!


We already have a component for push notifications…

(Agustín Marcantonio) #51

Existe alguna extension capaz de enviar notificaciones push a mis usuarios sin tener que ingresar en la web de onesignal? En apyybuilder utilizaba onesignalPLUS y me funcionaba perfecto. En Kodular seria posible lograr esto?