Wolfer: Online werewolf game

Hello Kodular Community!
Today I wanted to share my next game that is coming at the end of summer 2019.

My game is called “Wolfer”.
It’s an online werewolf game that can be played up to 10 players in the same game. It’s developped with Kodular and no .aia file for peapole who are asking.

Wolfer has multiple features:

  • Online matchmaking
  • Night, vote & discuss in-game
  • Tchat
  • Multiple animals that can be changed into a profile picture in the “inventory” section.
  • Custom games for youtubers & friends.
  • Events section where multiple events are gonna be created by Wolfer staff / friends / youtubers (with permission)
  • 2 languages (French / English) (and more soon)
  • Coins
  • Settings (to change your nickname & language
  • Gift codes to receive gifts.

If you want to help with translation join the discord here: http://wolfer.ml/discord (go to english section / french section)

Developped in 4 months (and not finished yet)
10 servers hosted in TinyWebDB (allsheberg) & (tinyweb.pro)
1 extension used (for translation)


Here is an imgur album with screenshots (in-game)

Sorry but some screenshots are in french beacause thats my language and the game is not fully translated

Share your opinion!
Give your opinion under this post it would make me happy to improve my game!
I do not want hate / violent comments. Thank you for giving a constructive opinion
(you can also share a negative but constructive opinion)

Share your opignon in discord too : http://wolfer.ml/discord


How does the matchmaking work in your game? Is there a user that creates a room and other users join him by putting the room code in the correct text field or do you just press a button and you are automatically put inside a room?

Where is the game? Or just only screenshots?

Just only screenshots for today

my next game that is coming at the end of summer 2019.

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  • UI need to improved

It’s a small algorithm that looks for each part on each server. It looks for example on the game server, ‘1_isfinished’ if the value returned by the server is 0 then it tests for the server 2 (‘2_isfinished’) if the value is 1, then the game join the game!


Yes I know but I prefer to do the game first and finish the kernel of the game and then make the interface

Can you direct post images in topic instead of putting external image URLs like Imgur? It would be easier to see screenshots without clicking it. Also the second reason; Imgur is blocked in my country by government. :grimacing:


Okay no problem, here you go:

As I said, most of images are in french beacause it’s my language and the app is not fully translated.

(I’m working on better UI)
(There is a bug in the game screen (we see peapole that are not in-game))

Also, there is a picture of new main menu (still in dev)


If Kodular gets to have Google Play Games integration you will go far …


Why? To make in-game challenges?

Why have you choosed AI instead of AS?

What is “AI” ans “AS”? What do you mean ?

AI: AppInventor

AS: Android Studio

I think :thinking:

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Maybe :sweat_smile: I don’t think so :joy:

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