Word picker bug

I encountered a problem with the “word selector” component:
When I select another choice than the first one (which is by default when the choice window opens) then I reopen the window and validate without modifying the selection, the component returns the previous value.

A less general example:
If I ask the user his gender (man / woman / other), let him select woman. If he wants to modify his choice he can click on the button which reopens the window. The default choice is “man” (the first in the list). If it then validates the choir of the word “man”, the component returns the choice “woman”.

I think it’s a bug of the component itself so it would be nice if the kodular team fixes it in the next update.

May I ask which component you are talking about?

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@Lieutenant_X is talking about the Show Word Picker method of Notifier component @Boban



Then he should have mention Notifier to begin with


I just missed it :wink:

Is this bug known ? Else is there a way to up it to developers ?

Can you show your blocks?

I can but I think it will not help you so much

blocks (4)

I think it is intended to work like this, see the image
so user has to interact with the word picker, or you can rearrange the list

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