Word Shaker, the app taht shakes txet

Word Shaker

Leetrts of words can be meixd in a way taht it lokos funny, but siltl rdelaabe for peploe.

Letters of words can be mixed in a way that it looks funny, but still readable for people. From every word the first and the last letters are preserved and the rest of the letters is mixed. It is fun and the result can be used, by sharing the result, with social media apps. In fact any other app that can get text results can be used. And yes, the shaken result is legible. It is the way a human brain works, while reading.

English is the officially supported language. But in the app 28 other languages are unofficially supported.

You can choose font size yourself and it is possible to choose a dyslexic friendly font.

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It is my first app in Kodular. I started with App Inventor, discovered AppyBuilder (discontinued) and I am working now with Kodular for new apps. Hpapy sankhig :star_struck:


Share some screenshots here

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That is done now. :slight_smile:

nice work, appreciated, you have created a beautiful design for you app, Congrats for you first app,

and Welcome to Kodular. Happy Koding


Great effort man…
I liked it