Words you can not use as project name

You should NOT use following words as a project name.
Else it is possible that your apk will not be created and the build will failed.

abstract continue for new switch
assert default goto package synchronized
boolean do if private this
break double implements protected throw
byte else import public throws
case enum instanceof return transient
catch extends int short try
char final interface static void
class finally long strictfp volatile
const float native super while

List from: What are Keywords, Datatypes, Variables, Literals in java? | ANDROID HEIGHT

If you know any other word which NOT works please let us know it.

Following words are too not working:

  • true
  • false

That means you cannot use just the single word OR the name cannot contain it?


should work: abstractcontinue
should not work: abstract


Okay, I thought the same. Thanks!

Thanks @yoni_mic I added “true & false” to the list

Can I ask why these wont work?

Because the words are used in java.

That I dont think should matter in an app name, it’s an app name, that’s stupid!

It is not stupid.
Because when the apk is created it looks for errors.

And the components as you know are done in java^^

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Yes it is because, it’s in a properties file I believe, not in the java files

public String appName = true