WordsToNumbers Extension

WordsToNumbers Extension:
With this extension you can convert Words To Numbers.

Example: “One thousand two hundred and thirty four” = 1234

It recognizes the following words:

  1. Positive, negative, plus, minus are not allowed.
  2. Only English language is supported.

Special Thanks to @msr79526 for beta testing this for me!


Download .aix:
com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.WordsToNumbers.aix (8.6 KB)


I bet is not as easy as number to text, right?
Great job!


I haven’t tried numbers to text because there’s already a Numbers2Words extension for that and actually the comments on that extension is what inspired me to try to make this one.


nice work, it will help a lot users, Thanks & Appreciated.


Great Work
Keep it on :+1:

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Nice work…but we can do it manually without extension


Maybe show how that can be done?

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Yeah you can.but for that you need to be expert in procedure


I agree, but with this extension it will process each number much much faster, so if you have a lot of numbers, an extension is the way to go.


kivabe ?..

Can you do that if no number is found then just return the text that came in?
I would also like the extension change the number in a text (because if I enter for example: “how much is one plus two” then I get an error, I want to get the text: how much is 1 plus 2)

I have no plans to add this functionality at this time.

@Point you can do it with some blocks. Just checking the input is a number or not else show a message not a number

But if the number is in words and not in numbers I will not be able to do it

It must be hard making this extension. Great job!

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