Work of a moderator

I seem to have hurt some peoples feelings. Some of the users i banned from the community found it necessary to give bad reviews to my apps on Google Play. How low can you go.

This is one of the little *********


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When you are doing a Lot of Positive then it becomes necessary for a Negative to come in your way. Its a Default Rule. Just ignore it :slight_smile:


I can flag the review as Unhelpful… What’s your app name? Also, I really respect your contributions to the App Inventor communities. Thanks for being so awesome, Peter. :slight_smile:


I reported all the reviews to Google. They can see that they all came from the same user. Maybe that helps. I will see what happens. Thanks for the help. Maybe i come back to you. :+1:


thats normal this will be happend to me too because i cannot give people my aia because this is my work and i made 1000 of hours of research. And now after that i should send a people my aia because he need it. i needed it too to get someve things to work and noboody could or wanted to help me. So i have to play around and have to study how some things work. i think i have read the complete forum on appy builder thunkable and here. do people know how much work this is after normal work, i dont think so. But they want and if you dont give them what they want you read you are a ass hole and you are a egoist and then they do some things like that. I think one or two people will do this on me too. i know that this people are people what build 10 banners into a screen and then get angry if nobody use her app. Then they said things like the builder is shit everybody can see that this app a builder app what is cheap and they write in the forum that they want that feature or that feature or why not that … you know me. The best what you can do, write google about that and maybe a friend or so too, and if he did this too often in the past on other apps, they will delete his account and he have to pay again 25 dollar for developer account. People get what they should get in the near futur or later.

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It is not much but if you need I can help you downloading the app and giving a good review
And flag the reviews as unhelpful too

But a few bad reviews will not be enough to damage the image of your app, I am sure. It’s really revolting to see people trying to harm good people like you.
But don’t let it depress you. You do so much for so many people!


Google didn’t do anything about the reviews. You can find my apps here


You are everywhere my friend i told you!

  • Have a nice day anyway!

Yep, moderator here :kodular: and moderator on :appybuilder:, poweruser and moderator on the :appinventor:forum and :appinventor: educator forum.

So you will see me around if you like it or not. :sunglasses:


Flag to user from 10-15 phones

Yeah, that guy copypasted the same unhelpful review with horrible English below all of your apps

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To be honest Peter. I don’t wanna be rude, but I think you just got promoted just because, you’re friends with someone and the same goes with the rest here, they’ve been promoted as soon as the Community was created, we’re told that you can be promoted by “correct” behavior… But, when someone is a Member (surely trusted) and has done many good things (@Kanishka_Developer) for example isn’t promoted to Leader, I am still quite considering why. I don’t mean to offend you or any Moderator or Admin if I did but, look it’s my opinion.

I understand it’s someones Community but, to be fair I think it should be based off Community spirit and Leader status. I know I most likely wouldn’t be in there but, there are many like you who deserve it. You can’t just say “Oh I’ve seen how he acts as my friend in real life, I should just add him as a Leader”. I just disagree, what if he acts inappropriately on the Community? You’ll feel embarrassed, see how the person acts o the Community first then promote. Just like a business, you’ll get that raise you wanted after your boss has watched you over several months or years, this is earned by the way you work and act. It should be the same way on Communities.

I’m gonna use another example:
• A teacher in School, like to act like he’s above authority and law. Yelling at the children no matter what they did, raising his voice at them to scare them.
It’s the same with Community Owners, I can do whatever I want… I can ban this person for expressing their own rightful opinion, I can make a rule saying “NO EXPRESSING FEELINGS OR OPINIONS” on my Community, no you can’t that’s just complete BS and unruly of a Leader to do so.

I support you completely but, in every Community I goto I see people who’ve been promoted the same day it was created, and I just think to myself… “Would I’ve been promoted if I was their friend?” No I wouldn’t, wanna know why? My bad behavior, but see on the Community I can change how I act, and be rude in real life right? Nice people can do the same in real life, just flip like that. I’ll admit, I’m not the charmest person on this Earth and honestly I feel bad for those who are, they care way too much. Yes, I care about my personality, the way I look, what I say in Public, and even what other people are doing around me as I don’t like being embarrassed.

I love the work you do and you’re a very nice person along with other Staff and Moderators here. All I’m pointing out, is I find it odd someone would just promote their friends without “explained” reason. I know it’s not my place to say anything but, I will express my opinion as defined (“Freedom of Speech”). I don’t care what anyone says, they say I don’t have it, well too bad I’m sorry but, that’s a RIGHT not a PRIVILEGE, like taught in School… Even if you’re teacher says their rights start where your ends… It’s just too bad, we may be in “their” building but, it’s my body, if I don’t wanna give you consent to keep me after school, I’m gonna walk straight the H-E-HOCKEY STICK2x out. Their not above the law and neither are we, correct? We have the same amount of power as them, we’re humans just like they are… We all have equal humanistic rights, gay, lesbians, trans, bi, whatever you are, we all have the same rights.

P.S I rated your Material Design Color Palette app with a good rating after trying it, your welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s just an Opinion of mine, I’m not telling you how to run it but, it’s just based off what I learned from many instances in RL.
You deserve this spot very much along with current Staff now, very nice people and you do a very great job, I only liked using you as an example because, we seem to get along (most of the time).

Spam actually.

Same here.

I’m also so so sorry for this long reply :joy:

I’ve asked if I was able to post this as an opinion from Diego.


That is not true
I knew Peter from Thunkable Community, and not from the beginning of it

He was promoted, along with Kleyber, because if his experience in managing forums. If he is Power User at App Inventor Forum, it has to be due to something he has done, isn’t it?
We trusted him, as we know him for a very long time and we kew he will do his work on the correct way

Yes, you are right
But there is something you are forgetting: experience in managing forums
Maybe it seems something very simple, but its not
If you saw the flags we get, you will doubt if you should keep them or hide them, as they are in the limb between the good and the bad…

Continuing with your example of Kanishka, he is a very active user in the community
He does lot of staff in a very correct way and he is a really trusted person for me
But there’s nothing that proves me that he could be a good moderator (without the aim of offending)

Allright, can you tell me how many people from here do I know in real life?
Give me one number
Hint: It is not a positive number

Isn’t it like that? How is MakerChamp gained?
There are a list of requirements, and as soon as you meet them we decide if promoting you or not

Trust Levels are there for something
Take a look at that link of what Leaders are for

Yeah, we could just grant some MakerChamps Leader role, but that would cause an inequality on the group, while it should be an homogeneus group
And also, there wouldn’t be a set of requirements to achieve it, and some of you would say “Why he is and me not?”
That would be restricted to a subjective matter
That is way Leader is kept only for Moderators and really active members on other communities

If it were like that, your post would be deleted a few minutes ago

That was in order to have a solid base from begining
If you join a new company, and it is a great success and you always believe on it, you get promoted very fast, as you were there since the beginning
That is why some users were promoted from the early days


I am quit popular the last couple of days. :sunglasses:



Mhmmm, wrong ProKoders… Referring to your second part that it’d cause inequality, then why are there what 7 different Admin in it?

Look above.

It was an example

Yes you are :joy:

So popular that some users on all forums have made fake accounts with my name on it and said terrible things about me. A number of users have now been suspended forever. That’s the not so funny side of being a moderator.

Changed to Kodular contributor.:sunglasses:


Are you serious? Are you really asking why Kodular Staff are admins of ProKoders group???


No, however you said it’d be unfair if people who are on the Group are promoted… They’re promoted.

I only disagree with this part. Nathan said the business example, let me use that too.
Its like when you join a company and work hard for 3 years, you get a good rank and then a new member comes from another company, and he instantly gets a better rank that you, just because of the ones from his old company told that he’s so good.

TL;DR Kodular is Kodular, others are others. They are different. I think that don’t have to be measured that way.


I’ve replied to this below

I think we will continue with the metaphor of the bussiness on this topic :joy:

We haven’t followed that criteria when granting moderation…
Imagine you are on a company, and you present your CV to your boss as an attempt to get a better position
If you have lot of experience in the area its required for the higher rank you will get it
That is what we are based when granting moderation or leaders

First of all, sorry for mentioning names, but it seems like I have to be one by one explaining why everyone has its rank…
@Peter is Power User from MIT App Inventor Forum. His “CV” clearly sais that he is apt for moderating forums
@Kleyber_Derick might not be a Power User, but we know he is apt too for the moderator rank as he has a good leadership sense. He has been working on a company for several years, where he is in charge on the development of an app for it. That means that he can be trusted to be given higher responsabilities
@Taifun is Leader, I hope everyone knows why and I don’t have to explain it. But in case not, he is Power User from MIT App Inventor forum as well, he has been contributing to App Inventor since the very beginning, even before I knew it. I followed his tutorials when I started in this world

If someone else deserves being a moderator, he has to have experience in managing other forums, show a great sense of leadership and having an admirable behaviour

Just adding another symbol: it is like applying to an university, specially to UK or USA
You are asked for your marks (in this case ProKoders requirements), but lot of people reach it. You will be accepted in several universities (in this case ProKoders group), but if you want to get into the best ones (Harvard, Oxbridge → moderator/leader), you will have to have something else than marks
And that is what is required to be a moderator
And even if you have it, you might not be a moderator, as the rate of mods per active users has to be very low (see this as when you apply to the uni and it’s full)