Work with database login account and account is key for save the data

i want make an apps with point reward and save that point in database, every people can have an account, i allready create account login with firebase auth.

Now how can i use firebase account to save point reward to firebase, so when they login that point will show in the apps, thanks guys

Use Firebase Database and store the coins under the tag of UID

it can be work on one screen or can do with another screen of Firabase auth and firebase data?

On any screen you just need to do
Call get I’d tokan block from firebase authentication and then get and a block which is get I’d tokan success and then make a global variable and store that I’d tokan to that variab
le and now call firebase database get value block and set tag to that variable and you done
And if it is complicated for you then is suggest you an app called deephost you can find this aia in his app
Go to project file and find live point add system it is free and if it is not you want that message me privately