Work with more than one sheet of spreadsheet

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stay tune with previous topic. Dont spam community by double posting

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I’m sorry, it was error in my line that make it happen.

Show us what you have tried, and we will suggest you what changes you to make it.

this is what i want :
both of sheet can CRUD via kodular.

here is the script:
script.txt (6.1 KB).

no need of CRUD here, need to change in te web url only

i did it, but i still can’t revise data in sheet 2 with that script.
i only can read but can’t revised them.

it mean… can you elaborate…? want post data?

Yes, i want to post any data to some cells on these sheets (it is like a online data) that periodic updated by system.

Different sheet of a single Google sheet ., Right?

In such case make a common procedure in which sheet name alone use variable… depending upon the function and needs use the sheet name… not a complex one. As I said already procedure block is enough to do the work

yes, different sheet of a single Google sheet (GS).
i was tried by GS macro, but i cant run it on kodular.
it’s make me a little discouraged.
could you give me a script that can me do CRUD in one or more sheet of single GS, please.

No need of macro

Try the script given in this web page (@TimAi2 guide)

and play with different sheets of same gsheet just by changing the sheet name in the web url