Working in a group

I want to create an application with my friend, can I share a specific application from my account to my friend’s account? (It’ll be fine even if we can’t work at the same time)

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you cant share app, but you can share account, so you both can work on that not same time, and i dont know if its legal or not.

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There’s nothing illegal about that. People round here are too quick to say everything is illegal.

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@ImranTariq didn’t say IT IS illegal, he said he doesn’t know if that’s the case with Kodular, probably because now there’s the option for paid subscriptions.

An example of that: It is illegal or better said, NOT ALLOWED to share a single Google Developer account unless you invite new users as collaborators. A lot of people does share the account but if Google finds out, they close that account.


I took OP to mean that TC and a friend want to work on an app using Kodular.