Working together on project at same time

Boa tarde, estou desenvolvendo um app com mais duas pessoas para o nosso TCC, e gostaríamos de programar nós 3 ao mesmo tempo, mas não estou conseguindo encontrar esse opção, poderiam nos ajudar?

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Good afternoon, I’m developing an app with two more people for our TCC, and we would like to program the 3 of us at the same time, but I can’t find this option, could you help us?

Welcome to the community. Official language is English. Unfortunately there isn’t such option. Each project is linked to an account and having multiple instances open of the same project at the same time will only lead to a corrupted project.


Hi, welcome to the community, as dora_paz said above kodular don’t have this option, but you can export an AIA file and share with your friends, or you can share your screen with them.