Works in Kodular companion app but not in apk!

I have completed my application,
Works fine in Kodular app.
When I downloaded the application as apk, I got error

*** Can’t get cached file in apk(Works fine in kodular)**

if there is any other error i will be glad if you can help me

Post the text of the error too

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no error text :sweat:
Could the problem be with my version?
apk also does not work without error.

  1. So clicks on apk and crashes?
  2. Starts and then crashes?
  3. Starts and crashes after a specific procedure?
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works in codes app

Sorry I don’t understand which error occurred. Can you explain better . Thanks

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I downloaded an APK application, but it’s not working.
It’s working on the Kodular simulation.
I’m not getting any errors.
All the ‘Do its’ are working.
Like in the video, it’s not working in the APK.

I don’t think the problem is with the code.

Thank you for the response. :grin:

Are in one of these condition? What happen when you click on the installed apk ?