Wrong arrangement list items from airtable

Hi Guys,

I have tested many time on list item from airtable but seem not right. I am not sure either my block who has problem or airtable itself the one. here it is my structure.

List view

will populate number or users. when click one of number it will display in other page.

details user page

suppose display with correct arrangement base from airtable.


wrong arrangement from airtable.


the problem is that data is not coming in same list as you want, when you call get row it didnt gives you data in same order as shown, it will change list order, like column 1 maybe goes to number 5, so you have to use get cell block instead of get row.


what is cell block here? can you point to which block i have to change?

you will find a block in spreadsheet, get cell, you have to use it for each cell.

Yes imran, i have explored and it worked. but is not really efficient because i have to add many spreadsheet in block. but it worked.
thank you for your advice.

If you found solution make it as solution so that it can help others

yes shiva. i have marked as solution.

There are some tactics to save some blocks and make the process simpler. Using Blocks in Another Way

![image|517x346](upload://bMO3EtCAGwk1k7xYoblFPJLJr1c.png) For example here make use of Any Text_box and a local variable what you increase by one after you have changed a text.
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you can do it by 1 spread sheet, like calling it once after other, you need 1 variable and set that to 1 when you calling first cell, and when got cell, check if variable = 1 then set value to label and then call 2nd cell and set variable to 2, and after that use else if get cell = 2 set label 2 to get value, and after again and again you can use get cell in one spreadsheet.

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thanks man. will try.

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