Wrong email or password

im creating a login page and i want once the user enter his details i want to check if the email is in the database or not, but when i did it the “user not exists” is the only message that showing even though the email is in the database, How i can fix it ?

Is it necessary for you to check the database? Firebase do this by default while Logging in…

May be you may not have designed the get the list. Based on the bove blocks it is clears that you have not stored the email anywhere under Users bucket, if so how it can be execute?

In order you to understand how it works, just use one lable.

After login failed, call tag list

After getting the taglist, print the get values in label. So you will come to know what actually the firebase tag list downloaded from db… also if user enter wrong details, firebase won’t allow them to login, so directly you can alert them like either email or password is wrong

Inorder to tell more deep to the user,
When login successfull, save the user details in tinydb. So once the user login failed compare the entered details with saved details and alert them which one is wrong.

yeah i saved the email in the sign up page so its not showing here, you can use the aia to see it
Parks_copy (1).aia (357.3 KB)

hello my friend acutally i have the same problem did you solve it ?

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