Wrong sql insert to table

good morning every one, please i need help
when I try to create columns it dosent add to my sql database and showen this error :-

and this my componant

please i need help, thanks all.

Which extension are you using? Any link?
Usually to create a column in a MySQL table you not only have to provide the column name but also the datatype… check the documentation…


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mr.taifun thank you for answer, I use this extention TableView Extension Versions 3 and 4 by @Ken - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

So what exactly is the purpose of your MySqlDatabase Create Columns block?
Are you using a MySql database?

Mr. Taifun thank for answer. I use my sql and phpmyadmin in web site (000webhost.com)
So I want to add column in the phpmy admin but it dosent create or add
and this is myphpAdmin

please could you learn me how I fix the problem.
by the way I used create table before that and it is work successfully, but create column dose not work.

it does not look like you read my previous answer and its link…
there does not exist a Create Column statement in SQL, you have to use ALTER TABLE…

ALTER TABLE my_table ADD COLUMN new_field TinyInt(1) DEFAULT 0;


Excause me Mr. Taifun I Have read you’r link but I dont understand any thing, and here too I don’t understand what you mean? Could you please expline if you dont mind? Thank you Mr.taifun.

try a Google search phpmyadmin how to add a column to a table - Google Search

In the command Sql Insert Into Values, you put less or more values than the number of existing fields in your table.

Select your table, click on the structure tab. Look for the text below your table structure: Add Fields and Run button