Xiaomi devices are showing pop-up ads in Kodular Companion

To all this, am I the only one who does not load the complementary ads? I have a good internet connection and no I have not purchased the ad removal :thinking:

“Unfortunately, Companion has stopped” for me :confused::joy:

And I assume the problem is in this phone?


Yes, you’re right :+1:t3:

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I am facing problem in my RealMe Device.


I personally think that if

There are some Xiaomi with the Global ROM, with which it is possible to change the region of the device

Many times when changing regions several Bloatware are installed


mine is realme
other is xiaomi

its same company but diff target market, and yes it maybe using same rom updated.

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This is what I suspect too.
Both MIUI and ColorOS have publicly admitted to showing ads in their devices. This is most likely what’s causing these pop-ups to open.

This is a perfectly acceptable way of refreshing ads. We cannot rely on timers as the content of the companion is dynamic and ads are not shown when your app is being mirrored.


i use 3 devices out of which one is Samsung A50 on Android 10 and a week ago even i faced the issue.
i thought it’s a Companion Update so i ignored.


yes, but its only happend to kodular companion, i have some apps that also using ads,but none of them is pusing to download, thats why its make me asking this.


It’s worth noting that the Companion app is made using Kodular. If pop-up ads are not possible to make using available ads components in Kodular, they’re not possible to implement in the Companion either.

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in your case it shows a PopUp but in mine it simply redirects me to Playstore.

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Which browser you are using.
Are you using custom theme in your mobile.
Themes also show ads on other apps and on home screen also.
Pls clear


I my life I used two launcher
Both contains adds
When I used them in my game adds came
May be this due to your launcher

i am using chrome browser, and didnt download any theme.

I’m seeing the same behavior on a Pixel XL running Android 10 (standard Google build not rooted). The ads were so aggressive it was stopping me from running my app with the companion, if I wasn’t quick with loading. I don’t have any bloat installed - it’s my dev device…

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then maybe its not happening just in xiaomi devices, maybe its randomize


i will try to do that boban, but what interesting to me is …
its only happened when i use kodular companion,

my kids phone got bloatware and its opening advertising not only when open spesific app, thats why my suspicios come to kodular companion because of it,