XP level bar with a written inside

Hey, is there a way to create a progress bar with a written inside? with “progress bar” I mean a level bar that calculate your XP, for example like in a game. I’ve already tried with CustomProgressView, an extension by niksempire121, that allow you to create a very personalize progress bar with an horizontal arrangement, exploiting its width. It’s a great extension, but when the progress bar starts, so its width is set on zero, it hides the label inside it… So how can I do? Thanks:upside_down_face:

Use the custom progressview extension and floating view extension. Use the overlap block from it, and overlap label over it.


Would you like to show your block also you can Ask in this in that topic instead of creating new.

So exactly what you want?

I wanted something like this :+1:

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Thanks Mayur:v:

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Do you really need in this form?
An example, in my project i am using this:

Yap I need, don’t worry, thanks for your suggestion:slightly_smiling_face:

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