YAIL compiler - AAPT execution failed

Good Day all. I hope everyone is having a great monday. This issue has been posted several times and I have poured over the forums but cannot seem to find a fix.

I am building an extremely basic appt assist my wife in her sound healing practice that just pulls audio from a FIrebase storage and streams to phone.

App was actually working for a few days, then I went to export apk (again) and received this error. Nothing was added or changed since and the app does work through companion.

I have tried to select/deselect RTL, reloaded between changes, also attempted to change default colors to each selection, reload, etc. Also saw a video about downloading AIA and removing theme colors, but this video was not specific to this issue.
I do notice that in theme colors, there is the typical black to signify color theme, but also has a pound sign after it. When i attempt to click within these fields, i receive an internal error and cannot change them.
I could also upload the file if needed. Thank you

Awesome an thank you. I will try this. As mentioned, the video i saw did show the project colors being deleted within the AIA but it was for a different color bug issue and did not mention changing SDK afterwards. thanks again

Thanks again for the reply but it did not fix issue. I did export AIA, opened archive with 7zip, Edited project.properties by removing color theme “block”, renamed and re imported into Kodular. Changed SDK from 21 to 25 still getting Yail compiler error and bug error when clicking on theming colors.

Send your Aia in dm

I think you corrupted the file, replace it with one from another project or correct some values

put values ​​for example like this, then change them

Thank you. I did attempt to replace/change colors but no luck. I think I will start over with a new project. Not a lot of time spent designing this one since it is only streaming from a storage database.
Thanks for looking at it for me.

It should be 3 colors

Thank you. I did follow this exact video prior to reaching to the community board, but it did not correct issue. I believe, as Gaston mentioned, that the build file got corrupted. Easy fix for me, just re did project as it was just a few buttons that reached out to a Firebase storage to stream so songs. Thanks for the suggestion!

Well you didn’t read the post properly


these are the ones you would change

As I sad

Thank you!

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